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Bridging the Gap Podcast brings you the latest research in sport, performance and exercise psychology in audio format. Any research that involves strengthening the mind, team dynamics, leadership or well-being, we cover it. We go straight to the researcher and bring the information straight to you, Bridging the Gap between research and your knowledge.
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Jan 23, 2017

Practitioner: Derrek Falor

  • Certified Consultant for The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP #599)
  • Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology
  • 20 Years College Soccer Coaching Experience across the NCAA D2 and D1 levels (18 years as a head coach)
  • 3 Years as a High School Soccer Coach (2016 Seattle Times Star Coach of the Year)
  • Mental Skills Coach for the Seattle Sounders U23 Team
  • 20 Years working as a performance enhancement consultant
    • Clients include Pro Athletes, College Teams, High School Athletic Departments, High School Teams, Individual Athletes


Twitter: @DerrekFalor


Crowdfunding for: PLAY ON! Project Details

Our project, entitled 'PLAY ON! How can a sport program better the lives of young people with mental illness? ' has been chosen to be part of a mental health grant challenge through Experiment. The funding campaign just launched on January 10. works on an all-or-nothing funding model. We have 30 days to reach our goal of $6,000. Backers won’t be charged unless we reach that goal. We have already raised 34% of our goal in the first week and hope to keep this momentum going! 

Interested in being part of this project? You can by:

  1. donating directly at
  2. sharing the link ( with other friends and colleagues through email, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. checking back often as we we will be posting lab notes on the progress
  4. sharing your feedback on the project itself, or letting me know if you are doing similar work so we can chat
  5. asking any questions you may have (either directly though e-mail or via the discussion board on Experiment)

I really encourage you to check out the tool and think about if any of your work could be funded this way. Experiment is all about creating a community – just think of all the amazing work this listserv could get off the ground if we band together! Side note – I just found out from Dr. Michael Sachs that AASP offers an incentive for us to engage in crowdfunding – check it out:

Thank you for your valuable time and support! 

Be well, 

Lauren Brooke, M.A. 
PhD Candidate
School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
Curtin University

Jan 16, 2017

Study: Preparing to Take the Field: A Temporal Exploration of Stress, Emotion, and Coping in Elite Cricket

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the stress, emotion, and coping (SEC) experiences of elite cricketers leading up to and on the day of their first competitive fixture of the season. Four elite male cricketers (M = 21.25, SD = 1.5) completed Stress and Emotion Diaries (SEDs) for the 7-day period leading up to and on the day of their first competitive fixture of the season. We then interviewed the cricketers to explore the content of the SEDs in more detail. We used semistructured interviews to glean insight into the stressors, cognitions, emotions, coping strategies, and behaviors. Inductive and deductive content data analysis provided a holistic and temporal exploration of the SEC process underpinned by the cognitive-motivational-relational theory of emotions (Lazarus, 1999). The results highlighted the ongoing and continuous nature of the SEC process while illustrating the coping strategies the cricketers used leading up to and on the day of competition.


Author: Adam Miles

Adam Miles is a PhD candidate in Sport Psychology at the School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Otago, New Zealand. His research focuses primarily on the psychosocial effects of participation in sport. In particular, his current research involves developing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of a life skills intervention with elite athletes. He has also investigated issues such as stress, emotion, and coping in elite sport and the mediating effects of self-talk during skilled motor performance.






Jan 9, 2017

Guest: Jean Côté


Dr. Jean Côté is professor and Director in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University at Kingston (Canada).  His research interests are in the areas of youth sport, coaching, positive youth development, and sport expertise.  Dr. Côté is regularly invited to present his work to both sport governing organizations and academic conferences throughout the world.  In 2009, Dr. Côté was the recipient of the 4th EW Barker Professorship from the Physical Education and Sport Science deparment at the National Institute of Education in Sinpapore.  He received the Queen’s University Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision for 2013.  Dr. Côté’s recent line of research involves the use of observation techniques to examine the influence of different types of coach-athletes relationships on athletes’ outcomes.  This work aims at the development of an evidence-based Transformational Coaching training workshop to help coaches create optimal sport environment for the development of better people and athletes. 




Twitter: @jeancote46




Additional link:

Jan 2, 2017

Author: Katrien Fransen


Dr. Katrien Fransen has start up a research line on shared leadership within sports teams at KU Leuven (Belgium). As assistant professor, she is eager to continue this research line and further extend her expertise. While most previous research solely focused on the coach of the team, Prof. Fransen’s research established a broad foundation for the leadership of athletes within the team. She continues this research line by designing an athlete leadership development program and identifying the moderators underlying the effectiveness of shared leadership. Besides her academic track record, she has also built up significant coaching experience. As former assistant-coach of the national youth teams and head coach of the university team, a strong motivation drives her to keep her research closely connected to the needs of the field.



Twitter: @KatrienFransen